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Diffuser Tips
Diffusers can be used to:
  1. Transform your surroundings: Help create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in your home or office.
  2. Eliminate odors: The ultrasonic technology gently disperses essential oils throughout a space, removing lingering smells without resorting to synthetic air fresheners.
  3. Protect your family’s health: Diffusers safeguard your family’s health by replacing harmful household chemicals with effective, all-natural essential oils.
  4. Humidity:  Young Living’s diffusers offer constant, humidified air helps keep your skin moisturized and feeling fresh.

  • If you have been using plug-in air fresheners, air sprays, or bamboo sticks, begin using your diffuser with 3-4 drops of essential oil and run for about 15 minutes.  Your body will need time to adjust to the pure aroma.  Remember just because you may not initially like the smell of an essential oil, doesn’t mean it isn’t helping support you emotionally and physically.  PLEASE throw away all of the remaining chemical fragrances in your house!
  • Fill your diffuser half-full with half of the amount of oils, especially if you are going to be leaving the house.  Or if you choose to use a new oil, then you aren’t wasting the water and oil already in the reservoir.
  • If your diffuser runs until the water is gone, don’t worry about it.
  • Clean the silver ultrasonic plate weekly with the brush or sponge that came with your diffuser.
  • Follow directions for each diffuser regarding whether to use distilled or tap water.

Diffuser Recipes

There really isn’t a “wrong” diffuser recipe.  You decide what you like or what wellness goal you are working on and then choose your essential oil single or blend accordingly!