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Essential Rewards
What is Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s autoship program which is only available to wholesale members. Its like monthly happy mail.  Or comparable to a Subscription Box except you get to choose what is placed in your box each month.  Many Young Living members call it their monthly wellness box.


A monthly 50 PV or more (not dollar but product value) order each month.

The interesting thing is that when you order consistently, in lieu of random and sporadic ordering, you actually spend less and obtain more FREE things!

  • Reduced Shipping
  • Ability to change date of shipment each month
  • Ability to change products received each month
  • Ability to earn free products (190PV, 250PV and *300PV have different free products each month)
  • Ability to earn free points to pick out your own free products
  • If your order is 100pv or more, you can also earn commission
  • Many of you started out with the Premium Kit from Young Living. You can use Essential Rewards as a way to gradually restock your kit with 15 ml (for most of the oils). Many members also love having deodorant, toothpaste, NingXia Red and Thieves hand soap delivered each month! The more our familys’ have used essential oils, the less we use products with harmful chemicals.

Remember — we mentioned that Young Living has perks!  And is super generous.

Replacement Buying / Product Swapping

We like to think of Essential Rewards as that BFF that helps you swap out the nasty, chemical laden products for ones that support your overall wellness.  So instead of using store-bought toothpaste, switch to Thieves AromaBrite and add a drop of orange oil to brighten your teeth.  Or choose Young Living vitamins over synthetic impostors from the drugstore.  Need shampoo, shaving cream, dish soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, aftershave or even protein powder?

No problem.  Young Living has all of those items for you that will support your health and wellness goals!

Never Miss A Promo!

So now that you are so excited about Essential Rewards — after you enroll and create your first order, make sure that you set up PV Assist so that you never miss hitting the PV amount to earn free product!

Excited for You!

We really are just super excited for you.  Being on Essential Rewards really supports a whole lifestyle change and encourages you to make positive steps towards consistent and supported health and wellness goals that compound over time.

Congratulations!  Be sure to share your ER box in WHO’s Got An Oil For That when the monthly unboxing video pops up!