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Meet Your 11 New Essential Oils
Toxin-Free Living

Some healthy lifestyle choices are hard. Do you struggle to order the salad over the burger?  Been there! But guess what?! Using a toxin-free cleaner instead of the chemical-filled cleaner. or grabbing the toxin-free shampoo instead of a chemical-filled one can make such a difference in your health.

Products like detergents you find in the store have some scary ingredients in them: harmful chemicals like Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a foaming agent that has been linked to irritation of the skin and eyes, organ toxicity, developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, and biochemical or cellular changes, possible mutations, and cancer. These chemicals from detergents get stuck in our clothes, rubbing against our skin all day long, absorbing into our bodies and causing problems.

Do you feel like you don’t have time to research every chemical listed on the back of your laundry detergent, toothpaste, or home cleaner?

Young Living is here to make healthy decisions so much easier. With ingredients that are not harmful and actually support a healthy body, their products are safe and effective. From skin care and makeup to a kid and baby line, pet products, supplements, food, and so much more, YL makes it easy to support everyone’s health from baby to grandpa, including your furry friends.

A Seed to Seal Promise to you and your family

Young Living has a seed to seal guarantee and promise. They abide by very strict guidelines to fulfill their promise to send pure products to your home.

  • Their farms and partner farms abide by strict standards.
  • They select the strongest seeds from strong thriving plants.
  • They hand-weed and use their own oils on plants for pest control to avoid the use of toxic chemicals.
  • They harvest at peak times to ensure quality oils.
  • They distill on site without chemicals.
  • They test every batch. If it doesn’t meet their standards because of weather conditions or for any other reason, they do not bottle it up.

All of these factors make a huge difference in quality and effectiveness.

Check out more about their Seed to Seal promise at

How do I use oils?


  • Please dilute your oils.
  • Do not put them in your eyes or ears.
  • Follow directions on labels.

*Once you get your own starter kit, your sponsor or I will connect with you and go over safety tips and suggestions in more detail!

The solid labels have aromatic and topical directions on them.

1. Topically – Apply on your skin. Dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil or grapeseed oil. They are quickly absorbed and effective.

2. Aromatically – Use in the diffuser or by inhaling from diffuser jewelry or just put some on your hands.

3. Internally  -Young Living oils are safe to ingest. The labels that are white are from their vitality line and have dietary instructions on them.

* NOTE: Oils in the regular bottles are the same as the vitality bottles. For Example: Peppermint oil from the regular line and Peppermint oil from the vitality line have different labels (per FDA rules) but are the SAME OIL.

Ready to Learn About the 11 Oils?

If you aren’t a member of Young Living yet, then you MUST click here to get started!

But We Can’t Forget About NingXia Red

This lesson wouldn’t be complete without talking about one of our most beloved products.

NingXia Red is 50% NingXia Wolfberry puree, which is a wellness-supporting super-fruit with an incredibly high antioxidant rating. Blueberries are around 2500 on the ORAC scale and Wolfberries are around 30,000.


Antioxidants make for an unfriendly environment for free radicals. If you don’t know the effects free radicals have on your body, you should google it.


This dietary supplement helps support normal blood sugar levels, provides support for normal eye health, cellular function, and energy levels.

Learn more about NingXia Red here.

You Have to Give Essential Rewards (ER) A Try!

I have mentioned this rewards program a few times because I don’t want you to be in that dark about how amazing it is. We recently asked our members, “What is one thing you wish you had known in the very beginning?” Do you know what they said? They said, “I wish I had known about Essential Rewards earlier.”  SO, I don’t want to miss sharing all the perks of one of the best programs we have for our members.


Essential Rewards is an optional program, but you are definitely going to want to join the ER bandwagon, because it is the best way to save money while you replace the toxic products in your home and reorder products as needed. It is similar to those cool monthly subscription boxes you see all over your FB feed, except for one major difference: you can customize your wellness box EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. You can also change your process date, which makes it very convenient to get what you want when you want it.

With every ER order, you will get a % back in points to use on future products AND free gifts for ordering on the rewards program. You will also be eligible to get your $50 bonus/Thank You check when you help your friend get a kit as well!


Most of our members join ER right away with either a 2 pack of Ningxia Red, or a bottle of Thieves all-purpose cleaner and Thieves laundry detergent.