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Signing Up New Members
Easily Create Your Own Learning Community
  • Share Young Living with three friends.
  • Help your three friends enroll with a Premium Starter Kit.
  • Earn over $50 for each friend you enroll with the Premium Starter Kit (PSK with a Diffuser, Thieves PSK, NingXia Red PSK, or Savvy Minerals PSK)
  • Meet every other week or monthly to swap stories, watch videos, or have your upline join your small learning community.

Premium Kit + Three Friends= Almost Free!

  • By enrolling three friends, you earn approximatly $150 in commissions and bonus.
  • Use your bonuses to enroll in Essential Rewards and start earning more free products.  Young Living has a fantastic gift program for those who join Essential Rewards.  Think of it like the popular Subscription Boxes!
  • Encourage your friends to earn their $150 bonus by enrolling three friends of their own, just like you did!
Let Us Walk You Through the Steps
  1. Print out the New Member Memory Jogger and the How to Join Young Living PDF.
  2. After your presentation (using your oils and your stories) or the FREE CLASS on our website, have your friend or prospect pull out the Premium Starter kit page as you go through the different options. They can mark their choice on the worksheet.
  3. Go over Essential Rewards.  Essential Rewards if foundational for continued wellness!
  4. Talk about products they can add to their order (We suggest V-6 #3031, Vegetable Capsules #3193, and Roller Fitments #4578)
  5. Help them sign up on the Young Living website.  Be sure to write down their member number, password, 4 digit pin, and user name on the sheet provided.
  6. Help them sign up for the Wise House Oils website.
Create Your Own Link for Social Media

Add your personal YL ID number where indicated to get a sign-up link:

In the Young Living Virtual Office, when you click on Member Resources you will then click on Link Generator.  This pre-populates your member number into your customized link, allowing you to earn the credit for referring a new member to Young Living!

Additionally, there is also a YL Personalized Enrollment Link Generator that you can use.

Once the new member has signed up, be sure to have them join Wise House Oils! This will activate the Getting Started email class and give them access to great information to help them use their oils confidently.  Don’t forget to follow up with them when they get their kit and about 2 weeks after they have had their kit.  You are their mentor — learn together!