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About Us
Welcome to your new adventure!
Buying a starter kit was one of the best decisions you’ve made, even if you don’t realize it yet! Here are some basics you need to know as a member of Young Living.
  • You now have access to all YL products with wholesale prices {24% off of retail} for life! There is no yearly membership fee.
  • To stay an active member, you just place at least one 50PV order per year.
  • There are two options when ordering again – Essential Rewards or Quick Order. Before you place your next order make sure you have learned about Essential Rewards so you don’t miss out on free stuff!
  • PV = personal volume and is usually equivalent to dollars. 1 PV = 1 $ most of the time {unless the product is non consumable}.
  • You need to know your member number and your password to login to your YL dashboard/Virtual Office
  • If you ever need help you can call YL 1-800-371-3515  or Live Chat {to get to live chat, scroll down on the YL website and in the bottom green section click on “contact us” and you’ll see the option to live chat}! For either of these you will need to give the rep your member number and your PIN number.
#SocialMedia and Connecting to Your FREE Resources!

1. Make sure that you have signed up for our FREE team website on the Home page.  You see, behind this site is a lot of information written to support the Wise House Oils community.  We take educating our team very seriously.

2.  Join our Facebook communityWHO’s Got An Oil For That, where we regularly share Young Living product information, host giveaways, and offer wellness tips!

2. Create a Young Living Virtual Office account

  • Log in to
  • Log in to the New Virtual Office
  • Click on the “Getting Started Tab” and work through that checklist. Then go to Member Resources and find “YL University.” Work through the information there. Here’s a video explaining how —>>

4. Read and save the emails from the Getting Started Email class.

One of our gifts to you as a member of Wise House Oils is a complimentary “Getting Started” email class that comes straight to your inbox for 11 days! Each day there is a short teaching text and action step.

There are also several free printables included as well. Going through this series will give you a great start to confidently using oils and oil-infused products.  This 11 day series is  launched when you signed up for the behind-the-scenes access on this website.

Click images to download!

5. Connect with your Wise House Oils Upline 

Make sure you connect with your upline leader.  While every leader tries to connect with new members, sometimes life happens.  So please . . . reach out to your upline.  Don’t be shy!

Additionally, it would be advantageous to schedule a “How to Use Essential Oils” class, also known as a Intro to Essential Oils or Essential Oil 101with your family and friends.  If this isn’t possible, conference calls, Google Hangouts, and Zoom calls really help you understand the valuable kit you are about to receive.

If you haven’t been to a 101 Class on how to use your Premium Starter Kit, we got you covered!   Are you curious on how you can ditch chemical products that might be causing your tiredness, headaches, or forgetfulness?