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When Your Order Arrives
Unboxing your NEW Premium Starter Kit!

Promise me you took  ALL the stuff out of the box(es) that arrived!!!

  1. Take everything out of the white box that has the “belly band” wrapped around it and read through the brochures and flyers enclosed in the inside cover.
  2. Open the oils and inhale them one by one.
  3. Take out the diffuser and set it in a convenient location. (See diffuser set-up video in the next lesson)
  4. If you have a bag or box for the oils and the AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment, feel free to organize them in it. But make sure this remains accessible and will inspire you to USE your new essential oils!
  5. Make a folder or box for all the YL brochures and flyers (Remember, we already talked about this!  But I’m reminding you just in case you didn’t create your binder!)
  6. Place the Ningxia pouches into the fridge so that you can enjoy them in the morning.

Now, you got everything unboxed and organized. I recommend sending your sponsor an email or text to let them know you received your kit. If you didn’t get all the educational sources from your upline yet, this would be an excellent time to let them know you are ready to learn all about the beauty of Essential Oils.

If you like to start on your own while your emails to your upline are processing, you can start learning on this website or by logging in to your Virtual Office at and scroll down to “Member Resources.”

This section of the Virtual Office provides you with a wealth of information and resources, including product information pages, compensation plan highlights, printable versions of our Member Agreement and Policies and Procedures documents, tax-related documents, and other forms to help you as a Young Living member.

21 Days to Becoming Familiar With Your Kit

If you are a hands on kind of magical unicorn, then we suggest you start by using the oils right away with our 21 day challenge.

  1. Print out Twenty-One Days with Your Young Living Premium Starter Kit.
  2. Hang the checklist in a prominent location — you NEED to start using these oils EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Seriously.
  3. Commit to working through this checklist.  Remember, you don’t have to know everything today or even at the end of 21 days.  These oils have been around thousands of years — there is a lot to learn.  Just take baby steps.
  4. Wait!  Did you join Young Living with another Premium Starter Kit, such as NingXia Red or Thieves?  Well, then stick your NingXia Red in the fridge!  Many members drink three shots of NingXia Red a day at 8 am, 10 am, and 2 pm. Favorite oils to add to NingXia Red are Thieves, Frankincense, or a drop of Orange, Lime, and Lemon!   If you have a Thieves Starter Kit, what are you waiting for — get cleaning and lay out  your new products in the bathroom and near each sink!
What Do I Use Those Little Brown Empty Bottles For?

You should have found some cute little sample bottles called drams in your kit. Drams have many purposes; you may choose to fill them with your everyday oils to carry with you to have on hand or to leave in different rooms in your house. Create your own blends of oils to try out to support your respiratory system or emotions.


Choosing to pass the drops of love on to others can be done using the drams as well; attach these to the Love It, Share It cards enclosed in your box.  Sharing these drams could mean getting oils into your friends’ homes!  That’s exciting!


Did you know that when 3 friends join Young Living with your member number that your kit is nearly free?  Yup.  Every time someone join Young Living and lists you as their enroller, you earn a “thank you” check as long as you have placed a 50 pv or more order that month?